Somebody has to do the work around here.

And we carefully choose who does it.


Who is doing the work?

Our team is composed of some of the most gifted youngsters of Romania who are not afraid to speak up and solve the problems they see around them.

The perfect match

In our case, one of the most important aspects is to have the right people on board. That's why we spend a lot of time interviewing, looking at psychological profile and ultimately selecting the best of the best. Think you have what it takes?

Group 3
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Areas of expertise

The Designers

David V.

Graphic/Motion Designer

Alina P.

Graphic Designer

Fluent in: Figma, Adobe XD, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender.

The Techies

Teodor C.

Software/Hardware Engineer

Mihnea V.

Software Developer

Andrei M.

App & Web Developer

Mihaela M.

Web Developer

Bogdan B.

Full-Stack Developer

Tudor C.

Product Design Engineer

Calin R.

Flutter Developer


Android Developer

Fluent in: Swift, Flutter, Kotlin, Javascript, Fusion 360, WordPress, Altium, Python, C++ and more.

The Business

Alex D.

Business Developer

David C.

Business Developer

Dan C.

Financial Lead

Mihai N.

Brand Specialist

Mara G.

Marketing Developer

Fluent in: Lean Methodology, Design Thinking, Qual. & Quant. Research, Financial Modelling and Creative Marketing.

Join Us

Be a part of the revolution

If you’re the kind of person to geek out over your favorite coding language or design software, or maybe you just really want to make a difference in the world as we know it, apply for a position with us. Careful though, only the best of the best make it in. Good luck!